viernes, enero 11, 2008

Java Considered Harmful

Pues bien, ya muchas veces he discutido sobre "lo que está mal en la educación"... Muchas veces me he desquitado con mis clases de Sistemas distribuidos (alias Telemática 2) porque coincide con esta parte de un artículo que ha causado mucho revuelo.

The irresistible beauty of programming consists in the reduction of complex formal processes to a very small set of primitive operations. Java, instead of exposing this beauty, encourages the programmer to approach problem-solving like a plumber in a hardware store: by rummaging through a multitude of drawers (i.e. packages) we will end up finding some gadget (i.e. class) that does roughly what we want. How it does it is not interesting! The result is a student who knows how to put a simple program together, but does not know how to program. A further pitfall of the early use of Java libraries and frameworks is that it is impossible for the student to develop a sense of the run-time cost of what is written because it is extremely hard to know what any method call will eventually execute.

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